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Famous Australian Attractions- by state and territory

The world’s largest island but the smallest continent Australia is divided into six states and two territories. Though Australia is the earth’s sixth-largest country with 7 692 024 km2, its topography is not that varied and consists of mostly low desert plateau with the southeast having the most fertile plains. However, due to its massive [...]

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Uniquely Aussie Adventures

Not to be limited to the impression of the Great Outback as the vast heartland of Australia, the country sure has a plethora of uniquely Aussie adventures for both the adventurous and the laid-back ones. In this article, we feature some of the most Aussie things, places, or food to experience whether you are visiting the country as [...]

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Earning an Australian Degree In the Time of Pandemic 

No pandemic can stop international student Bianca Isabel Santos from earning an Australian degree at James Cook University, Brisbane. All systems go when the Australian borders opened for international students last December 2021 for eligible visa holders including international students and Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa holders. As one of the world’s sought-after study destination, Australia has [...]

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Global Brands That Are Truly Aussie

Most trusted Australian brands - from fashion to food and tech- have reached a global scale for many years now and most of us have probably been patronising them.  For many decades, Australia has been a key player in the global trade known for brands that pass high safety and quality standards. Earning the confidence [...]

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8 Unique Uni Courses in Australia

Australia has always been one of the top study destinations for one too many reasons. For most international students who are embarking on a life-changing journey, aside from the high-quality universities, the country’s diverse culture, vibrant cities, and the great outdoors are simply hard to pass on.   Zeroing in on the desired country to [...]

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Digital Innovations Empowering Australia to Navigate the New Normal

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Preparing for disruption: Technological readiness ranking report, Australia ranks equal first for technological readiness alongside Singapore and Sweden. Australia is globally recognised for cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through the integration of technologies with traditional industries such as agtech, medtech, fintech, mining, resources technologies, and education. [...]

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A Peek Into the Robust Australian Coffee Culture

There were 44,679 cafés and restaurants operation in Australia at the end of the financial year 2020– a significant increase of at least 3,000 new businesses from 2017 according to Statista, global leader in business data platform. The Australian coffee culture has elevated the expectations of simply having a “coffee”. According to Tourism Australia, though Aussies [...]

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Snippets of Australia’s Post-COVID Outlook

Halfway through 2021, we take a look at Australia’s post-COVID outlook, including recovery measures in the economy, international education, and travel.   Several factors including but not limited to motivation, intention, and financial capacity come into play when preparing for international education. The time spent in planning to study abroad varies from person to [...]

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