We listed popular activities for college students or anyone to do, including those that allow for practice of social distancing, during the beautiful crisp autumn days.

Well, hello Fall! The US has definitely come a long way coming into the second autumn season amidst the pandemic as one of the countries that have successfully given complete COVID-19 vaccines to more than 50% of its population. Most if not all of us are itching to just be out and get a whiff of the earthy autumn scent and see new and old things that we have missed doing or haven’t tried yet.

For college students, things are coming up roses both in kickstarting the semester and in doing fun activities with friends just like in “the old days”. Whether you are currently an international student or one that is still in the planning phase of studying in the US, this snappy list of fun fall activities is sure to get you to roll out of bed or inspire you to push for your plans to explore the US.

Go Apple Picking

You can never go wrong in visiting apple orchards in any of the 50 states of America. A definitive activity of the fall season, apple picking is a wholesome outdoor activity that is mutually beneficial for the apple pickers and the local orchard owners. Get a basket full of Red Delicious, Pink Lady, or MacIntosh apples in Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin– states with the most number of apple orchards.

Go on a Leaf-Peeping Trip

September and October are the peak times of leaves changing and the best time to travel for a perfect long drive to watch the fall foliage in all its full glory, aka leaf-peeping. When planning for travel this fall, it would be wise to check out SmokyMountains.com’s annual Fall Foliage Map, a predictive map that uses an algorithm developed from tons of data, including historical temperatures and forecast precipitation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  The digital map shows a county-by-county breakdown of when colorful leaves are expected to peak, week-by-week.

Head to the Pumpkin Patch

Much like the season for sweater weather, Autumn is the time to pick pumpkins, enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice latte, and pose in the patch for that Instagram post. Aside from the sight of the lush seasonal colors while picking the biggest gourd, you can also enjoy the activities that patch owners offer such as listening to live music, animal-petting, hay-mazes, and creating DIY crafts, among many. The good news is is every state has its own famous local pumpkin patch so just ask around.

Watch an American Football Game Live

Nothing can be more American than experiencing the American Football game. Lucky for those in the States, you can now catch a football game of your choice live– from a local high school to college and National Football League (NFL)– because Fall is football season. Buy a shirt, wear a cap, and grab a hotdog sandwich while cheering on your team.

Go Hiking

North America is blessed with a wide range of magnificent nature reserves. Get your map, mark the closest to you, check the local COVID-19 safety measures and pack your bags for a hike. Immerse yourself in nature and smell that crisp autumn wind. Some of the popular hiking destinations in the US are Yosemite National Park and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in California, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Chesapeake, and Ohio Canal National Historical Park.