Fascinating Facts About the UK

For aspiring international students who have set their eyes on the UK as their top choice for a study destination, knowing bits and pieces of interesting facts about the sovereign country may give them a sneak peek of how and what is life there. First things first, let’s clear the air on what is [...]

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A Promising UK International Education Awaits Students

The UK remains to be one of the most preferred study destinations for its world-renowned universities that offer extensive courses, a multicultural environment, and excellent teacher training standards and methods that produce future-ready graduates.  Contrary to predictions that the pandemic would result in a devastating slump in UK’s international education sector, UK’s Higher Education [...]

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AMSBB Australia: COVID-19 General Guidelines and Safety Tips for International Students

If you are an international student in Australia, do not panic. The Australian government is doing what they can to ensure safety for all. But even with the Government's effort, we have our own responsibilities too. In this article, we have compiled all the necessary measures you need to take in order to protect [...]

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AMSBB Canada: COVID-19 Guidelines for International Students in Canada

The deadly pandemic is changing the world constantly, which is why the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is rapidly on the move in bringing safety protocols for all. If you happen to be studying in Canada, you are advised to stay at home and read about the precautionary measures against COVID-19 [...]

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Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Here’s the thing, we all know Australia is recognised as a great place to live – but did you know Australia also offers a World Class Education? Well fear no more because we got you covered! Here are the Top Reasons why you should Study in Australia! (Yes, we’re looking at you Future International students): [...]

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